Living the dream in Carlsbad N.M.

Sometimes good intentions get lost in the noise and hustle of everyday life. My good intentions were to begin this blog weeks ago. But everyday law practice has me traveling across the state seeking justice and this blog hit a low priority. All my ideas for a great opening statement feel between case files. But lucky for me, I’m grounded in Eddy County New Mexico and I now have extra time to draft my first blog entry. Around me the storms are brewing and sever winds have overtaken the local justice system. I headed to Carlsbad NM for immunity litigation and a preliminary hearing. Despite strong winds and heavy storms, I made it in time for the Immunity hearing, but my flight home has been grounded twice due to severe weather. Cases in Albuquerque have had to be reset, and justice must be rescheduled for another day.

The immunity hearing in Carlsbad, N.M. consisted of the prosecution requesting witness immunity in exchange for the witness’ testimony against my client. The judge granted the immunity, over my objection and the witness, who is believed to be criminally liable, can now say anything against my client with no fear of prosecution, except for perjury. A perjury charge can be brought if the prosecutor thinks the witness has not testified truthfully as to a material fact. This witness needs a lawyer! More to follow, this may get interesting.

The sever weather damaged my second hearing in Carlsbad, a preliminary hearing on murder charges. The storm blew the electricity out for thousands of residents, and shut down the Magistrate Court. Preliminary hearings must be recorded, the court had sunlight for the hearing, there was no way to record the proceeds without electricity. The Judge reset the hearing. Stay tuned! Justice did not prevail at this hearing, justice delayed is justice denied, but sigh, nothing anyone could do. Stay tuned.

BTW, here is my pilot, Mike and co-pilot extraordinaire, Casey. All good, we landed alive in Carlsbad (via a long layover in El Paso, Texas), and now if they can just get me home to Albuquerque – there is must justice to be done!